Ricka Baker Ketogenic diet coach

Hello, I’m Ricka.

I’m Ricka Baker and founder of Love Kick, a company devoted to mentoring clients on health, wellness and accountability. Before forming Love Kick and devising the Kind Keto approach, I worked for over twenty years as a personal trainer. During this time, I encountered scores of women who struggled with weight loss, yo-yo diets and lethargy. Then and today, I have come to realize that diets don’t work over a sustained period. What works is a solemn commitment to changing your lifestyle, including, what you eat, what you drink and how you exercise, coupled with honesty and accountability about your issues, physical and mental, that have held you back. To do this, bravery is required, but I will be there with you, as mentor and coach, every step of the way, guiding you with compassion, with a bit of a “kick’ and a lot of “love” to unlock your ability to achieve your goals.