Finding a Healthy Balance


My whole life I’ve either been high or low, black or white…no shades of gray. I’m learning about the middle parts. It’s a new language to me. Being an all or nothing person has brought adventure into my life, but it has brought unrest too. Now that I’m 54, finding balance is where its at for me.

I decided to write this blog in hopes that there might be a few people out there that might relate to me and my story.  I also hope that through my research, education and pure curiosity, people will be interested in the things I discover.  Ketogenics, Nootropics and a bit of biohacking are central to my life now.  I am a health coach mainly focusing on the Ketogenic lifestyle.  I am discovering some incredibly interesting and cutting edge info out there.  I am a sponge, absorbing new information everyday (podcast junkie).  Many of the things I read about or hear about, I try on myself, see what happens!  This is what I want to share with you. My findings, my fails, and my successes.