Double your results! 

This is a program specifically thought out for couples who want to share this exciting Keto journey. It is intended for those who are committed and ready to embark on a new, healthy lifestyle together. When a person has support of their loved one, success is more likely to happen. Together you will learn how to cook and prepare Keto meals. During challenging times, you will be each other’s main support and encouragement. When you reach your goal, you can celebrate and plan your next goal.

Keto together!

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What You Get

1 Hour Phone Consultation

Custom Food Option Plan

Daily Text Feedback

3 Phone/FT Sessions (20 mins)


A couple more words about Ricka…

Health Coach Extraordinaire

“After my experience working with Ricka Baker, as my Keto Coach, I feel compelled to share. Her guidance and patience has been professional, supportive and encouraging. No monthly products to purchase is ideal for me. To date I have lost 7 lbs. and being able to still have desserts is perfect for me. I strongly recommend Ricka to anyone looking for a happier, healthier Keto lifestyle - you have a lot to “lose”. — CoachGlo Favreau

On Your Side

“Since I was a kid I've struggled with my weight even getting up to almost 300lbs. I've tried every diet and fad with little success. I have known Ricka for 7 years and she has been of great support. It was a struggle for me to turn my relationship with food from a negative to a positive. I've been living the ketogenic way of life for the past few months and have seen so many positive results. Thru my ketogenic lifestyle Ricka has been by my side, motivating and guiding me to a healthier lifestyle.” — Melanie M

Everyone needs a Ricka

"Where do I even start. I met Ricka through mutual friends. I knew the minute we met that this is a start of a lifelong friendship/mentoring. Everyone needs a Ricka in their life. I learned and still learning so much from her. She always gives her honest opinion. Very dedicated and compassionate in everything she does. I really mastered the keto lifestyle with Ricka’s support and guidance. We are the Keto Nation and it’s only getting stronger with Ricka as our mentor. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with the keto life. I will be forever grateful to my friends Melanie and Lisa that introduced me to this generous and supportive human being name Fredericka Baker." — Marita DV