Sugar detoxed +
Fat-adapted in one month!

KIND KETO EXPRESS: This Kind Keto 4-weeks program is designed for those who want to dive into a fat burning state, ketosis! Weight will start coming off. You will loose sugar cravings. You won’t be controlled by hunger. You will feel an increase in brain clarity and energy. If weight stalls arise, I have strategies for this! If you experience “keto flu” (detox), I move you through this process quickly. Towards the end of the 30 days, Keto will have become a habit. You will know how and when to eat. You will have explored new recipes. Your relationship with food and your body will take a major shift.


What You Get

1 hour consultation

1 Meal Options Plan


Weekly text diary/feedback and accountability

1x week 20 min phone, FaceTime or Zoom session



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