Living The Keto Lifestyle! 

Expect serious weight loss. Sugar cravings and excess hunger disappear. You will be guided through different aspects of Keto, for example, Intermitted Fasting and OMAD. You are now a keto chef, knowing exactly how to prepare a perfectly portioned Keto meal. I will custom design strategies for staying keto in social or travel situations. Positive habitual patterns have begun and are set in place. You will start adding both exercise and mindful practices that fit into your lifestyle. Keto is more than a habit, it’s becoming a lifestyle!


What You Get

Bi-Monthly Meal Options Plan, updated as needed

Daily text diary/feedback and accountability

Intermittent Fasting Guidance


1x week 20 min phone, Ft or Zoom session

2 monthly face to face sessions

1 Field Trip to the market-label reading and inspiration



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Hit your stride with Ricka!


A wellness plan for life

“I met Ricka through a friend a few years back . I’ve always loved her spirit and her passion for life health and fitness! I’ve always struggled with my weight and would always try different diets with no success . A few months ago I started the ketogenic way of eating and it has been life changing ! I joined a keto support group with Ricka as our coach and I’m thrilled to say I’ve leaned so much from her . With Ricka’s guidance I’ve learned what kinds of food to eat and how my body works with this food. I’m now reading labels and not snacking at all , I’m done with mindless eating and grazing thanks to Ricka ! Through Ricka’s coaching I’ve stopped thinking so much about weight loss and began thinking I was learning how to change my life . To date I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more . None of this would have been possible without Ricka’s support , guidance and motivation. She is dedicated and compassionate and cares about people reaching their goals . She says trust the Process and I’m doing just that ! I highly recommend Ricka to anyone who is thinking about doing the ketogenic Way of eating.” – Lisa K