A 3-month plan to reach the full benefits of a Kind Keto Lifestyle! 

KIND KETO DELUX: Expect serious weight loss. Sugar cravings and excess hunger disappear. You will be guided through different aspects of Keto, for example, Intermitted Fasting and OMAD. You are now a Kind Keto chef, knowing exactly how to prepare a perfectly portioned Keto meal. I will custom design strategies for staying keto in social or travel situations. Positive habitual patterns have begun and are set in place. You will start adding both exercise and mindful practices that fit into your lifestyle. Keto is more than a habit, it’s becoming a lifestyle!


What You Get

Meal Options Plan, updated as needed

Weekly text diary/feedback and accountability

Intermittent Fasting Guidance


1x week 20 min phone, Ft or Zoom session

Customized tips such as label reading and inspiration



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