Sugar-free in 5 days!

Let me guide you through your 5-day sugar detox journey. Sugar is a powerful and addictive substance. It makes us sick. Take this step towards a new healthier you… give this gift to yourself. You are worth it!

First we begin with a 1 hour phone consultation. A custom food plan is created based on your lifestyle, favorites foods and your health goals. This plan will fortify and support your body as you move through the process. Some people experience effects of withdrawal. This is common. There are strategies to deal with this. Ridding the body of sugar is not a simple thing, but I will be there for you every step of the way.


What You Get

1 Hour Consultation

Custom Sugar Detox Food Plan

Daily Support Via Text

2 Phone or Skype Check Ins




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The 10 Toxic Effects of Sugar on Your Body

The Benefits of Eliminating Sugar


1. Sugar raises the risk of type 2 diabetes
2. Sugar can make you depressed
3. Sugar increases fat storage
4. Sugar causes inflammation
5. Sugar raises cholesterol
6. Sugar raises risk of heart disease
7. Sugar makes you overeat
8. Sugar restricts blood vessels
9. Sugar zaps your energy
10. Sugar is extremely addictive

A new commitment to yourself
Decreased sugar and excess food cravings
Weight loss
Increased brain clarity and energy
Diminished inflammation
Disease prevention