Kind Keto Detox Online Course - limited-time offer. Expires May 4th

Ricka Baker Kind Keto Sugar Detox
Ricka Baker Kind Keto Sugar Detox
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Kind Keto Detox Online Course - limited-time offer. Expires May 4th


HI, I'M RICKA BAKER, founder of Kind Keto, the best new way of getting healthier. There are so many misconceptions about the Keto diet, but two things are true: most people lose weight on it, and most people hate how strict it is. That's why I created Kind Keto!

KIND KETO is a flexible, compassionate approach to the ketogenic diet, using all the tools that work on Keto while eliminating what makes it crazy (goodbye calorie counting!) Based on that mindset, I'm super excited to announce my brand new course, KIND KETO DETOX.

KIND KETO DETOX is an online course, where I'll be personally guiding you through 10 days of complete, gentle detox, teaching you how to eat a new way to regaining your health. By the end of this journey you will have gone through a complete sugar detox and be on the way to a new, healthier YOU... and a whole new mindset will be ignited! 

KIND KETO DETOX starts on Saturday, May 4th until Monday, May 13th, including
• Daily Live sessions: the course will be taught through Facebook streaming from our private Facebook group - replays always available
• Live Q&A: during the Live sessions, Ricka will be teaching and answering all your questions
• A private Facebook group where you will meet your fellow travelers, ask more questions, receive additional support and tips from Ricka
• Menu ideas and recipes

KIND KETO DETOX is available for purchase NOW until May 3rd at a special, limited-time offer of $25!!! Since it's a BETA course, you will be part of the process, and your valuable feedback will be included in the final, polished version of the course, which you will have unlimited access to.

SIGN UP NOW to receive THE TOP 10 REASONS TO GIVE UP SUGAR cheat sheet, your first of many tips and tools included in this course. And be sure to share this amazing offer with a friend... traveling together is more fun!

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Special, limited-time offer for this online BETA course